Cleaning the air you breathe.



Selfcleaning window treatment.



Improves indoor air quality.



Proven efficient in
reducing NOx



Odor elimination with light.



Selfcleaning and NOx degrading

Clients choose us!

Why do customers choose Photocat ? Learning from what customers say, it's Photocat's ability to deliver actual application solutions with documentation that can stand any competitive trial. Most customers have strong R&D capabilities, yet it strengthens their output to have a support organization that works day in and day out on air purifying technology. Further talking to an organization that has a proven track record with implementing photocatalytic technology in floors, roofing, pavements and glass materials.

Pollution blows away

By creating the product NOxOFF we really set out to achieve what we knew would be hard to accomplish. A product, that by beeing integrated into well accepted city materials, would allow the materials to significantly lower NOx pollution right where the problem is, namely where the people are.

Not just a floor to walk on

The floor that does much more than being a floor. Developed jointly with Välinge Innovation AB in Sweden, AcTiO2 has kicked off with the aim of making floors that can actively improve the indoor climate and remove up to 98% of VOC's, especially formaldehyde. Further more, the technology allows the floors to be easy cleaned and antimicrobial from onset. The technology is marketed through Välinge Photocatalytic AB headed out of Viken, Sweden.

Clean windows

ShineOn is an offer to those of you who loves to see the changing lights through crisp and clean windows. This is exactly what ShineOn gives you, as the coating on the glass only uses sunlight and rain to constantly clean your windows.