We are best in class
The NOxOFF™ treatment on concrete, paver and bitumen surfaces is astounding. Photocat A/S is proud to have developed the #1 most cost effective TiO2 based photocatalytic product in the world. With our technology 1000m2 would be able to reduce the yearly pollution of 120 cars, how amazing is that!

Activated by light
We use the natural sunlight and the rain to clean the air around us, as well as the surface to which the technology is applied. The NOx particles are even turned into nitrate helping fertilize the soil. The product has been tested and proven highly effective, the technology has even been nominated for both an environment and climate award in Denmark.

A variety of applications
NOxOFF™ is a applicable to a variety of different types of surfaces, amongst our clients are roofing material manufacturers, concrete products and specialized façade production. NOxOFF™ is invisible, meaning that it will not have any cosmetic effect on your product, we are the only market player with this capability.




We provide a range of analytical methods for assessing your photocatalytic materials.

  • NOx degradation - ISO 22197
  • Formaldehyde degradation - EN 717
  • Selfcleaning test
  • Easy-Clean test
  • Contact angle
  • Performance tests

Application development

We can help you develop the optimal photocatalytic application for your material.

  • Fast sample production
  • Tailored formulations
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Production equipment design


We can help you get the application from the lab and into production.

  • Financing of equipment
  • Procurement assistance
  • Quality Control procedures
  • Marketing tools and documentation