EVENT: Clean Air With Photocatalysis, 24th April 2018

On April 24 2018 Photocat A/S had the pleasure of welcoming to the event ‘Clean Air with Photocatalysis’. It was an honor to present Prof. Fujishima the inventor of photocatalysis as Keynote speaker. Prof. Fujishiima talked about his discovery of photocatalysis in 1967 and how this discovery has changed the world and led to a revolution within smart building materials. We also had the honor of presenting Prof. Besenbacher to introduce Prof. Fujishima and talk about how inventions made by scientists at Universities in collaboration with companies is important to overcome the challenges that we see in our world today.

We are making the content from our event publicly available in the hope that it will inspire businesses, public institutions and researchers to act and dare to incorporate new innovations.